A very angry man – and with good reason!

See Sean Clerkin on youtube. Sean spoke on behalf of Citizens United at the Independence Rally in Edinburgh in September.


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We Protest Alistair Darling’s Version of History

How appropriate that the former chancellor, who bailed out the banks with public money and left them free to go on acting in the interests of a rich elite, was talking about his account of this history at the Edinburgh Book Festival, which is sponsored by RBS, one of the major beneficiaries. Darling is also a prime example of political hypocrisy and self interest: he ‘flipped’ the house he designated as his second home three times in order to maximise the expenses he received from the public purse, and even included his accountant’s fee. And he leads the Better Together campaign that would allow Westminster to continue to block any Scottish proposals for a fairer society. We couldn’t let his appearance at the Book Festival go unmarked…

See http://www.theedinburghreporter.co.uk/2012/08/protests-at-darlings-visit-to-edinburgh-international-book-festival/

and http://www.localnewsglasgow.co.uk/tag/sean-clerkin/

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Bank of England Office in Glasgow – Occupied!

Bloodsucking bankers have not gone away, and neither have we. In recognition of the huge public anger at the revelations that continue to be uncovered about the UK’s banking system, we occupied the Bank of England’s Glasgow Office on Wednesday.



Our demands are simple:

Prosecution for all those involved in fraud – no-one is above the law

No more public money for wealthy bankers

Nationalisation of banks in the public interest, to allow money to be invested in infrastructure and the real economy – (along the lines of the Bank of North Dakota)

An end to austerity budgets and welfare cuts and to the whole of the neoliberal political programme, whose purpose is nothing less than the concentration of ever more power and wealth in the hands of  a small elite.

Citizens of the world unite!

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We occupied the Inland Revenue offices in Glasgow

On Wednesday 22nd June 2011 we occupied the Inland Revenue office in Glasgow.

This action is to state that revenues that have accrued to Westminster, such as the fossil fuel levy of £200 million, excise duty, corporation tax, and the Crown Estates revenue, together with borrowing powers of £5 billion in capital and current expenditure, should be transferred to the Scottish government to fund first class public services, as the Westminster government is not providing the necessary money for this and this is what the people of Scotland voted for in the Scottish election.

In addition, the direct action represents the central demand that the Westminster government tackles tax evasion and tax avoidance worth £120 billion a year so that social security payments are not cut and that those payments can be made at a level that allows people to live in human dignity.

We, the excluded, will keep fighting for social justice and against the Con-Dem coalition government’s ideological assault on the Welfare State.


Here are some reports of our action:

From STV:


From Glasgow Local News:


Report in the Dundee Courier

Report in the Dundee Courier - 23rd June 2011


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We occupied the Scotland Office

On 2nd June we occupied the Scotland Office in Edinburgh to protest against the cuts being imposed by the ConDem government in Westminster:

The triumph of the SNP in the recent Scottish election reflects the popular demand for a real socialist alternative to the cuts being imposed by the ConDem government in Westminster.

We call on the Westminster government to reverse their planned cuts, or to give the Scottish Government the ability to do so itself through devolution of the Crown Estate revenues, fossil fuel levy, excise duty, corporation tax and borrowing powers, and also of the power to set a more progressive tax structure.

We call on the Scottish government to use all new and existing powers to increase investment in public services; and to use their majority in the Scottish Parliament to resist acting as the ConDem’s executioner and oppose all spending cuts by setting a needs-based budget.

Here is the report on the BBC:


and from STV


and the Edinburgh Evening News



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Promises from Alex Salmond

Citizens United held a protest outside the STV studios in Glasgow on the night of the final pre-election ‘Leaders’ Debate’. This time all the leaders of the 4 main parties agreed to come and talk with us!

Alex Salmond has given us his word that

  • There will be a representative sample  survey carried out into the overcladding and reroofing done by the GHA, where cracks and dampness risk creating a housing and health time bomb
  • The Accord Centre for adults with learning difficulties will be given like for like accommodation with full facilities when its current home is demolished to make way for the Commonwealth Games

and that

  • He will write to the Scottish Medicines Consortium to get the 10 Scottish patients with Pompe disease reassessed for treatment.

Our protest was reported by the BBC:


And this Press Association report was published in many local papers:


Here is a video of the protest:


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Alex Salmond met with us

for nearly an hour on 13th April, allowing us to raise important issues including:

The need for a full investigation into failures resulting from the GHA’s millions of pounds overcladding programme in Glasgow

The closure of the Accord Centre for adults with learning difficulties in Dalmarnock

Lack of money for treatment of people with pompe disease in Scotland

Police harassment of anti-cuts protestors

Talking with Alex Salmond

Photographers watch the meeting through the window

Here’s the report from the Herald:


And from Glasgow Local News:


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